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In the heritage of Karnataka, the name of late Sri Bhusanayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah (BMS) occupies a prominent place within the field of philanthropy.

The Maharaja of Mysore honoured him with the name of Raja Karya Prasaktha at 1946.He also Stared the B.M.S school of Engineering at the same year.

He had foreseen the desperate need for top quality technical education in India before its liberty. The ideals for which Sri B.M. Sreenivasaiah stood last to encourage the inheritors of the legacy. Subsequent to the passing of “Sri. B. M. Sreenivasaiah”, his lively and enterprising son Sri. B. S. Narayan, took over the reigns of the college.

The organization grew from strength-to-strength below his competent advice.He was also instrumental in pioneering global collaborative developers such as training foreign students beneath International co operation Division (ICD) and crosscultural programs together with melt on Foundation.


About BMS College of Engineering


The college, started in 1946 by B. M. Sreenivasaiah, has been the very earliest private industry initiative in technical education in India and is currently conducted by the BMS Academic Trust. This was affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University in 1998 to 2008, also eventually became sovereign from 2008.

Though it is a private engineering administration, it is partially funded from the federal government of Karnataka. They also provide direct admissions or management quota admissions.


Vision :

Promoting Prosperity of mankind by augmenting Human Resource Capital through Quality Technical Education & Training.

Mission :

Accomplish Excellence in the field of Technical Education through Education, Research and Service needs of society.


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