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Are you preparing for NEET-PG for the second or third time? Trying hard to get admission in postgraduate degree, so that, it can give impetus to your career. But, still you find yourself every year in the same condition of trying to clear the exam. Then why to waste one more year preparing, here we are giving chance to every student for MD/MS admission 2022. We are providing direct admission in MD/MS college through management quota/NRI seats. So, avail your seat in one of the top medical college of India.


MD/MS COLLEGES (Doctor of Medicine/Master of Surgery)

MD/MS is a postgraduate course in medical studies. The course is usually of two or three years depending on different colleges. MD is Doctor Of Medicine which let one person to become physician and MS is Master Of Surgery which makes one person as Surgeon. There are many different specialization in MD/MS such as-

  • Cardiology (MD).
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics (MD).
  • Gastroenterology (MD).
  • Plastic surgeon (MS).
  • Nephrology (MD).
  • Paediatrics Surgery (MD).
  • Cardiac Surgery (MD) and many more.


During internship in MBBS, students get chance to work from one specialty department to another, so that, they can be clear about their subject of interest. MD/MS admission is required for every MBBS graduate who want to make their career bright.  Some of the famous personalities in India who are doctor by profession – 

  • Balamuali Ambati (Master Of Ophthalmology).
  • Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty (A classic doctor who made heart surgery cheapest in India).
  • Dwarkanath Kotnis (A Doctor who dedicated his life for the well being of poor. He is not only famous for his work in India but also a well known figure internationally).
  • Deepak Chopra (Famous for ayurvedic treatment).
  • Naresh Trehan (Chief of Medanta, who is famous for cardiac treatment).
  • Aamod Rao (Brought revolution in Plastic Surgery).
  • Reita Faria (First Miss World from India and a doctor by profession now).


Why To Take Admission In MD / MS College?


In India, profession of a doctor is highly respected as they are the lifesavers. This is one of the most noble profession in India. Direct admission in MD/MS college is an opportunity to work for a cause in life. According to a latest statistics, by 2018 there is a big requirement of skilled doctors in our country. So, if you are thinking to become one, then, you are at the right track. Admission in MD/MS gives you an upper edge in your career and the salary of a doctor is not just paid in money but he is paid with respect in society.  There are many good colleges in India for MD/MS and we help you in getting direct admission in those colleges. So, don’t sit back thinking what to do, here is a chance to grab and make your dreams come true. Now avail your seat in one of the top medical colleges of India and transcend your dream into reality.


There are some criteria to be fulfilled by student’s to get admission in MD/MS colleges and they are-

  • The student must be a MBBS graduate and has completed his internship.
  • Must have decent score in his graduate degree.
  • Candidate must be NEET Qualified.

For further details on direct admission in MD/MS colleges, you may contact us and we will help you with the admission process.

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