Direct Admission in BMS School of Architecture, Bangalore


The field of architecture is playing an important role from ancient times in the human’s life. Numerous historical societies are still studied and remembered because of their structures which are left behind. With growing environmental concerns, population, complexity, architecture is the promising path and you can pursue your career in a variety of fields like Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Interior design, Building construction, industrial and urban planning.

In Bangalore, you will find various architecture colleges and schools. But the BMS School of Architecture offers graduate and research degree programs as per the area of your interest. Through admission in BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore you can choose one of your favorite subjects in the architecture field.


BMS Educational Trust


BMS Educational Colleges are ruled by BMS Educational Trust.  Justice S. R. Bannurmath is the chairman of the BMS Trust. He is the Chief Justice of Kerala High Court. A number of reputed educational colleges like Architecture, Information Technology, Commerce, Science, Law, and Engineering are run by the BMS Educational Trust which imparts quality education. 12000+ students are seeking higher education in these reputed BMS institutions.


About BMS School Of Architecture, Bangalore



The BMS School of Architecture, Bangalore was set up in 2010. All types of BMS intuitions affairs are managed by Council of different Trustees who are appointed by the successor of Lt. B.S. Narayan i.e. Dr.B.S.Ragini Narayan. She is the Member Secretary and Donor Trustee of the BMS Trust. The emphasis of direct admission in BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore is in the architectural education in terms of intellectual endeavor and creative and critical pursuit. The BMS School is devoted to producing skilled professionals and thinkers who are knowledgeable in the modern techniques of architecture. The school currently offers B.Arch graduate degree which is affiliated by VTU and approved by both Government of Karnataka and COA (Council of Architecture).


Why Take Direct Admission in Bms School of Architecture, Bangalore?


  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure of BMSSA (BMS School of Architecture) is spread out in the huge area. The main entrance of the BMS institute is as large as the size of 5 buses or trucks. The insides of the school like restrooms, elevators, labs, classrooms are breathtaking. Students feel comfortable in BMSSA.
  • Hostels: Girls and boys hostels are magnificent. The rooms are well-furnished and 2 persons are easily accommodated. Hostel charges are reasonable and the quality of offered food is also very good and hygienic too.
  • Faculty: BMS School of Architecture, Bangalore possess highly- qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Crowd: The crowd is very colorful at BMSSA. Approximately 50% of the crowd is from North side of India. The ratio of girls is comparatively high as compared to boys.
  • Canteen: The canteen is big and can accommodate 40 to 50 students simultaneously. This canteen is shared with the engineering school. Everybody fights for a seat during lunch time and this is the most memorable moment at BMSSA canteen and the environment tuned into a battlefield. The quality of the food in the canteen is also very good and nutritious.


  • Graduate Course
    • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Research Program
    • PHD

If you want to seek the services of BMS School of Architecture, Bangalore, then contact us. The BMS School of Architecture is the prominent college of Bangalore. So avail your seat as soon as possible.

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